"Arushi Ahuja "

A peacock at Mangalore Zoo!
The music unheard,
Spreads upon the hearts of millions,
As the cuckoo cries solemnly!

Written for Carpe Diem Haiku Kai!

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"Arushi Ahuja "
Image Credits: Mama Zen!

Engraved on a solemn stone,
The ancient little creatures,
Beauty of there very own,
Created by Mother Nature!
Forever shall they live,
as little wondrous patterns
Some are like the mysterious flowers,
And others like mythical heavens!

His Canvas!

"Arushi Ahuja "

Sunrise near Barlogunj!

I awoke one morning to find a little drop on my nose,
Of water or of pine sap I'm still quite unsure.
I coughed and sneezed as a chilly wind swept by,
The fragrance of the pine trees carried in a sigh!
I heard in a distance the song of many a birds,
Singing to the rising sun in many a different chords.
And then nearby was a small galloping stream,
Untouched and virgin, like a irresistible dream.
The rain drops from the stormy night lit upon the leaves,
Like translucent rich pearls on the fingers of Eve.
The smell of fresh earth filled me with memories,
As the vermillion of the rising sun filtered through the trees., 
The mesmerising beauty filled my sleep infected eyes,
The many colours of greens came upon me rushing by!
And I was dazed that early morning at the candid beauty,
Of God's very own canvas and His very own artistry!

Written for Midweek Motif at Poet's United!

Little Feet!

"Arushi Ahuja "
Not the same shoes really!!
I went shopping one summer afternoon,
And hit upon a pair of shoes,
Block heels, Faux leather,
Straps and laces, brown in colour!
I fell in love quite stupidly,
Bought them in a bit of hurry,
And woe Dear, they won't fit me...
They lay abandoned in the closet,
Long forgotten and disregarded,
Until my curious little cousin,
Found them fitting to her pleasure!
Brown and buckled, laces and heels,
All so perfect on her little feet!

Written for Poetry Jam!


"Arushi Ahuja "

Image Credit: Google Images

Tadpoles within,
Melons relieving from summer heat-
Nature's red gift!

Written for Carpe Diem Haiku Kai!

Grocery In Gucci!

"Arushi Ahuja "

Falling upon a grocery store,
By accident or coincidence,
I remembered the list of forgotten chores,
In my Versace gown, I went!

Clutching my glittery Prada,
Tripping on my fabulous trail,
Tottering in my high heeled Gucci,
I entered the grocery sale!

People stopped to stare at me,
As I foolishly fumbled around,
sorting lemons in a wicker basket,
For Sunday's chocolate mousse!