Pink Hairbands!

"Arushi Ahuja"
School friends...
Paper planes and chocolate under the desk,
The darling teacher ranting about some test,
And Swoosh! it lands right where it's aimed,
My best friend is now in trouble and blamed!
But she won't be taking the pinch alone,
My darling teacher will find my secret note,
And dismiss me in rage from the class as well,
And we'll stand outside till they ring the bell!
But Oh! what fun to share the secret,
On a paper plane whizzing past the teacher,
In a secret language, an unchallenging code,
Made to irk the teacher or to feel old...
We giggled behind our little plump hands,
Standing outside in our skirts and pink hairbands,
No care for looks or wannabe dresses,
No care for makeup or frizzy, untamed tresses!
And our darling teacher spots us again,
In the corridor together having undeserved fun,
She scolds us till our faces turn red,
Then gives us the chocolate under the desk!
Lunchbox and notebooks and even handkerchiefs,
Shared in love, anger, innocence and mischief,
And smiling across the room at each other,
A wink to understand the plans made later!

And best of all was running back home,
In the warm embrace of my very own dear mom,
And telling the tale of teachers, tests and friends,
Complaining about the homework and pink hairbands!

Written for Poetry Jam!


"Arushi Ahuja"
Papa Bear after a bath!

And here is an apology for what may have been,
For what rests unknown, dark and unseen.
It was a mistake, I assure you of my honest intentions,
I did not mean to hurt your feelings, or damage your emotions!
My heart did weep along with you,
But you could not look in my tear filled eyes, No!
Too filled with sorrow and engrossed in yourself,
You failed to notice how I loathed myself,
To bring to you what never should have been,
If only I was ignored by your kind being!
Please find in your dear heart to once again forgive,
How undoubtedly foolish and insensitive I behave,
For if it were not for your love and care,
I’d truly be lost in this world so unfair!


Shared with Imaginary Garden With Real Toads for Open Link Monday!

I Wait...

"Arushi Ahuja"
Starry Night by Alex Ruiz.

I wished upon a trailing star,
Bright and brilliant in the dark blue sky,
To hold me close in your arms,
When I lingered alone so far away!
And the shooting star whizzed past the brightly lit sky...

I gazed up on the arched moon,
Longing for a glimpse of you,
To see your face shining, lit by a smile,
When I stood under the sky so blue!
And the arched moon glowed ever so more...

I whispered into the silent winds,
Hoping to hear a song from your lips,
That part sometimes to kiss me softly,
My cheeks blush and my stomach flips!
And the whispering wind rustles soothingly past...

I wonder if you can hear me,
While I longingly wait for thee...


Written for Magpie Tales: Mag 234!

Reading In Time!

"Arushi Ahuja"
Taken in Lampur!

about butterflies,
up and down
as they go far beyond,
across another realm of hearty imaginations and defies
all natural laws of Lepidopteras in faraway heavens- 
and she reads as time
ticktocks, slowly unnoticed,
holding on


I combined the Fib-onacci Challenge by hedgewitch
for which I used my poem Lepidopteras!


"Arushi Ahuja"

In wants of Love,
The heart craves for more-
Makes a beggar! 

Written for Carpe Diem Haiku Kai!


"Arushi Ahuja"
Riva Del Garda
I flew past
the open havens, whispering waters,
gasping for breath
in gorgeous greens-
The wind unfurled the unknown song lost
in the cacophony!

idle dwellers
failed to notice
the astounding beauty of

I added a lantern poem at the end just for a bit of twist :)