Valiant Ones!

"Arushi Ahuja "
Indian Flag hoisted at The Hall of Fame!

Rest among the valiant ones,
For never shall your memory be lost in time,
Oh Dear soul of motherland!

In loving memory of all the fallen freedom fighters without whom independence would have been quite impossible. Indian Independence Day-15th August 1947.

Written for Carpe Diem Haiku Kai!

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"Arushi Ahuja "
The bust of Queen Neferiti in Neues Museum of Berlin.

Of ages long and long ago,
The times almost unknown,
Queen Neferiti of the Arabian lands,
Worshipped in the blue Niles sands,
The Sun God Aten less known,
Hailed her kingdom with blessed gold,
The rich times, the opulent history,
The beautiful legend mostly a mystery!

Written for Magpie Tales: Mag 230!

~Live Time~

"Arushi Ahuja "

Written for MindLoveMisery's prompt!
Also shared with Poet's United for Poetry Pantry!
Mysterious crooked crone,
Wrapped in layers of tattered shawls,
Trudges upon the muddy road,
Makes her way to the wall,
Where I stood hunched and deeply thoughtless,
Not looking nor waiting,
Not working or watching,
Just standing there quite pointless...
I din't really notice her 
Until she was nose to nose,
And scared the living crap
Out of me and I jumped on my toes!
A bony harsh finger pointed
disagreeably close to my eye
she advised me not to stand around
And waste my precious time!
I shrugged and stepped back 
Then turned around and ran,
As her creepy shrill voice,
echoed ominously behind my back!
"You mark my word Dear child of God,
For you shall regret this day,
For some day there will be no time,
for leisure, work or play!"
So true she was, so many years ago,
Now I sit and think in my bed,
For time is just what is short,
As I await my approaching Death,
In despair, no leisure, work nor sport!


"Arushi Ahuja "
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He perched upon a throne so high
Unable to see Just below and under
Stood so many of us in fury and wonder
But not at him, at his ghastly blunder!
He once vowed with his palm facing us
That he would abide by Constitutional Laws,
But taken by power and riches and lust
Greedy politician betrays the voters!
And excuses run in his every syllable
As he tugs along the weight of his crimes
that makes him into mostly a criminal,
Corruption, murder, larceny for a dime!
Teeth gritted and shaking with blue hatred
We loathe the laws he propels on us
For his very own profit is catered
Leaving us with soggy crumbles!
"It's a blunder, you Idiot!" we think
again and again we shall never vote for you,
But lo! He plays the political game,
And there! he wins the elections again!

Written for Margaret's 'Play It Again!' at Imaginary Garden With Real Toads!
I have used two of the three challenges given by Margaret that I'd never written for before:
Imaginary Garden With Real Toads
Thank you Margaret, Grapeling and Kenia for such an interesting prompt!


"Arushi Ahuja "
Sunrise in Leh is rather late because of the altitude of the city...
So when she comes up she is full bright and not the usual vermillion orangish colour!


Flying across the ocean,
Racing with the rising sun,
into the West!


Over the horizon,
The Sun peaks shyly,
Leaving the world in awe!


Written for Carpe Diem Haiku Kai!